International Consortium of Line Dance Instructors
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About Us - Professional Dance Instructors in Odenton, MD

As a leading provider of line dance instructor certification programs, we take pride in offering the best technical and professional training.  

The International Consortium of Line Dance Instructors (ICLDI) was founded in 2010 and has trained and certified line dance instructors across the


The ICLDI operates a national program under the leadership of an Executive Director, Program Directors and administrative staff located

in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area. Our central office is located in Odenton, MD and our staff

of certified line dancers in Odenton, MD are supported by four Regional Directors in the Eastern, Southern, Mid-Western, and Western parts of the

country. These ICLDI Officers comprise the Executive Council that develops operating policy and guidance for the consortium. The ICLDI

comprises certified instructors with many years of teaching experience. Currently, all applicants applying to join the organization must have

two years of dancing experience with a minimum of 12 months and 105 hours of instruction. Also, supplemental workshops will be offered to the

members to expand their learning and understanding of music and dance appreciation.

We also have members with experience in aerobics, Zumba and other forms of dance. We offer three levels of instruction that starts with the

Accelerated Instructor Certification Program (AICP), Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 2 class was introduced in 2015. The Level 3 AICP is under

development and will lead to Master Instructor designation; plans are to offer Level 3 in 2020. Level 3 will include 18 hours of instruction

and an examination for dance instructor certification in Odenton, MD. The level 3 instruction is expected to include proficiency in the Universal Unit

System, successful completion of a formal class in music appreciation and understanding how to execute the dance patterns of hand/swing dance, of

Hand & Swing, Salsa, Mambo, Lindy, and Ballroom.

The first three requirements are considered critical and must be achieved annually to remain an active member:

  • Pay annual membership dues by the date required;*
  • Maintain valid and active CPR designation;*
  • Attend annually a minimum of four (4) hours of instructor continuing education;*
  • Hold with high regard and integrity the organization/certification earned;
  • Work on at least one ICLDI program committee or initiative;
  • Attend at least one class of an ICLDI instructor for support/information sharing;
  • Teach a minimum of three (3) advertised classes or six (6) individual dances;
  • Participate in a minimum of two (2) of the six (6) bi-monthly conference calls held annually.

The ICLDI has committees that are used to develop and implement policy for the organization. Each committee has a Chairperson responsbile for

program management. All members of the ICLDI are asked to participant on at least one committee.

Here are the current committees that are operational:

1. Social Media- includes work on the establishment/maintenance of the Facebook and Twitter (TBD) pages.

2. Website - works to ensure the information on the site reflects the current status of the organization.

3. AICP - develops and plans certification classes to be offered to the dance instructor public.

4. Outreach/Membership - works to share information about the organization with the dance industry.

5. Dance Development - researches and selects critical line dances to be used to strengthen techncial skills/abilities of members.

6. Retreat - plans the bi-annual educational and social retreat for the organization. 

7. Music Partnership - committee to work with musicians to obtain permission to use music with dances.

8. Dance Terms - committee updates the listing of common line dance terms and steps.

9. Fellowship - committee to recognize special events experienced by members & present ICLDI momentos.